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The Paris attacks and climate change… connecting the dots

The sad truth is that the attacks in Paris Nov. 13th are another expression of the collateral damage caused by the forces of global climate change. And there will be more such examples in the years to come…

Climate Change is raising global temperatures. In the emerging markets, especially the Middle East, populations are expanding rapidly as jobs, water and food becomes scarcer. This trend is expected to continue and accelerate. A recent study in the journal Nature linked rising CO2 and temperatures to declining GDP, especially outside of the US and Europe. They forecast emerging market GDP to decline by 75% by the end of the century.

The drought of 2012 led to a spike in food prices globally. As a result of food prices and extreme shortages, many people in North Africa and the Middle East took to the streets. The revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Syria were the result of populations not being able to accept conditions of poverty, oppression and starvation any more. The people fleeing Syria today are victims of Climate Change. The people in France who died and were injured are victims of Climate Change.

We will have to find a way to deal with a variety of escalating challenges…

Migration—people will seek out a better quality of life for themselves and their family;

The growth of ISIS and similar terror states that will find their ranks swell because of populist despair in the emerging markets;

Global famine and thirst…

How do we sit back in a land of wealth and plenty and watch the suffering that is to come? Most people view Climate Change as a challenge we will have to face in 10 or 20 or 100 years. The truth is that we are facing it now.

As a financial advisor it is a challenging environment. Understanding the larger picture has never been more critical, especially when you have the competing interests trying to shape or force policy and opinion.

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