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A beloved relative has passed away and left me an inheritance… What should I do?

I have had four clients experience the passing of a beloved family member in the past 6 months. All ages, all walks of life. To a person they struggle with the desire to have their father or spouse or daughter back with them again, and how to move forward without them.

I have lost both of my parents; my mother passed away at 42 from lung cancer. I know the pain they suffer. Looking back, her illness and death really hurt my father and younger brother financially. She didn’t have life insurance. Due to the illness many of the family’s assets were exhausted. My father and brother did the best that they could do, but it was a difficult journey.

With the aging of the Baby Boomers experts expect to see the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world, some $30 trillion. (1) How much actually gets to the beneficiaries is a matter of preparation and thoughtful planning before a person passes away. Taxes will consume a tremendous amount of wealth in the coming years.

What is left can do a great deal to help people financially in the years to come. Many people will pay off debt, some will pay for college for their kids, some will buy a Tesla…

In the world we live in… economic uncertainty, changing job markets, depressed wages and savings ability… I think it is critical that we look at such inheritances from a “generational” vantage point. Not just examine how your life can be improved by such a gift, but future generations as well.

We are all going to pass away, it is only a matter of when. What we do in the time we have on earth matters.

By utilizing Life Insurance, especially permanent Whole Life, we can leverage money safely for the benefit of those that come after us. We can protect the legacy of previous generations in ways our parents could not.

What to do:
Regardless of age and income, set up a will. Protect the future of those you love with life insurance.

If you have come into an inheritance, or expect to, find a financial adviser you trust. Explore options to minimize taxes, provide for you in retirement, and protect financially the next generation as well as those to follow in a hundred years.


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