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‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’: A Speech to Cooperative Impact 2015, Princeton 5/14/2015

Several years ago, I was asked to give an opening keynote speech to a gathering of social innovation entrepreneurs. The message I think is one that continues to be relevant…


We are on the edge of the greatest entrepreneurial revolution in the history of mankind.

The internet, the “cloud”, on-demand shipping, social media, Linked In… All are changing how we relate to each other economically and socially.

As entrepreneurs we are on the cutting edge. We all know entrepreneurs are a special subset of people and “social entrepreneurs” even more so.

The entrepreneur sees opportunities and gaps in the world around them and finds solutions.

Social entrepreneurs take the same work to a higher plane. For them it is not enough to make a better widget and make money selling it… It has to make the world a better place.

Our challenge is to not only make the world a better place, but to be re-imbursed for the value we add to society. We all have families to raise, bills to pay.

Dan D’Alonzo has embraced the challenge of making social entrepreneurship economically and financially sustainable. We are here today to learn from him, and from each other.

Some of us have been on this path for many years, some started last week, some of us simply have an idea or a passion—all are equally valid starting points.

As a financial advisor I specialize in managing assets through socially responsible investing. Most of my clients are entrepreneurs and the people who fund them. I have a friend in NY that holds monthly meetings that are essentially “friendly shark tanks” for clean tech companies starting out. During the financial crisis, as the world was collapsing, as markets crashed and the very idea of capitalism and entrepreneurship was brought into question, it renewed my faith in the future to see entrepreneurs make their presentations. To push forward without flinching, without excuses.

We here now have the greatest opportunity in human history, to make the world a better place. It is our responsibility to make the most of it.


Embrace your role in remaking the economy and having a positive impact. Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’


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