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A Guidebook for the Anthropocene Era

I have written before the current age has been called the Anthropogenic Era, the human era, because mankind is reshaping the geology and environment of the world. The economic system is adjusting to these changes taking place. The economic system set up 100 years ago does not behave or react the same way because the environment is different in which it operates.

The internet is revolutionizing the economy.

The challenge I think is that the entire economic system is going through a stage of evolution, much like the medieval economy went through with the development of towns and the mercantile middle class, and just as the mercantile middle class and town was changed by industrialization. The change is painful. There are people who will resist the change (luddites). But change is inevitable because of the tools we develop. Gary Vaynerchuk, social media entrepreneur, observes “life shrinks and expands on the proportion of your willingness to take risks and try new things.” (1)

At the end of the day I am an optimist. This statement would be shocking to many people I am sure, but it is true. I have faith in humanity, and the economic systems and innovations we construct.

Vaynerchuk’s most recent book, “#ASKGARYVEE” is a guidebook on how to think differently in this new age. In it he provides his view on the need for focus, self-awareness, and leadership. Combining these ingredients with “hustle”— Vaynerchuk’s patented term for raw effort, energy, and synergy—and you have a chance at being successful in this new age.

Most people are not built for success in this new world. Most people are not trained in entrepreneurship. Most people do not have the self-awareness and self-auditing to learn and grow. People MUST educate themselves if they hope to succeed and thrive in this new era.

In a recent book titled “Failure To Adjust: How Americans Got Left Behind in the Global Economy”, Edward Alden of the Council of Foreign Relations outlines many of the structural problems which have contributed to the struggles the middle class has faced in recent years. Changing economic conditions have led to lowered American wages and an increasing sense of inequality. (2)

Among some of the solutions Alden mentions as being key to reinvigorating the American economy are retraining programs, support for displaced workers, improving education, upgrading infrastructure and encouraging innovation. Successful implementation of such changes requires commitment from all involved.

To reboot your outlook and your thinking on your role in the economy, Vaynerchuk’s book is a great starting place. But even as you are reading it, it is clear that the hardest work is what goes on in your own soul searching, self-examination, and critical analyses. To find your place in the new economy, and to succeed, you have to embrace the change. You can only embrace change and make good decisions when you have self-awareness.

We all need to embrace the change. It has already started. We see its disruption in our lives every day. Being aware, especially self-aware, gives us the power to choose a better course.

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