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Investing with Stocks at Record Levels

I have talked to many clients. I have read and listened to many economists and Chief Investment Officers who are nervous about investing hard earned savings when markets and indexes are making new highs.

Many people feel the market is “due for a correction”; they worry about a “bubble bursting like 2008”; they look at the political environment and feel confused by what is happening in Washington DC.

Looking at retirement planning is different from investing other assets.
Many people are limited by 2 factors,
(A) the Need for retirement income, and
(B) a limited time horizon.

They need to draw money from their accounts in order to live in the near term.

For savers and retirees, a potential solution to both of these issues are annuities that provide guaranteed retirement income.* An annuity is a long-term product designed for retirement planning. These types of annuities create a lifetime guaranteed income stream. There are a variety of annuities designed to meet your different needs and goals. Annuities are an additional way to plan for your future, along with an IRA, 401(k), or pension. Creating a stream of lifetime guaranteed income can be a critical component to a retirement strategy.

By contrast, someone invested in the market without such guarantees, drawing income and experiencing a down draft in the market they may find themselves running out of money during retirement.

This fear, running out of money during retirement, is people’s number one fear according to several recent studies.

If you feel uncomfortable investing in the market at these levels, please reach out to me to discuss options that can help you protect your lifestyle regardless of what happens in the markets.

Retirement Income. Tax Efficient Planning.
Life Insurance. Disability Insurance
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*Annuity guarantees are back by the strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company

Taxes on any earnings are deferred until you make withdrawals and at that time you will pay ordinary income taxes on gains. There is a 10% penalty if you withdraw earnings before age 59 ½.

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