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A Unique Investment Approach

For the past 15 years I have developed my investment practice around a core thesis…

“Do your investments match your values?”

While this question can pull people in many varied directions, the underlying truth is that investors are interested in reducing their risks, and thereby improving their performance. Many people recognize that investment markets tend to underappreciate the impacts companies have on society and the environment.

While the planet is undergoing profound challenges due to climate change, investment professionals tend to not appreciate the connections to fossil fuel companies and their role in the crisis. Meanwhile, many investors of all age brackets do see the connection and are demanding better options for their investments. (1)

My work focuses on helping clients divest from fossil fuel companies, and the companies that support climate destruction. In doing so my goal is 3-fold; 1) to avoid the risks associated with sunken assets in the fossil fuel industry, 2) invest in companies that benefit from the economy becoming “decarbonized”, and 3) managing macroeconomic risk that is generated by the transition. This approach has typically outperformed comparable indexes over the past 10 years.

There is abundant scientific evidence that the climate crisis is affecting the environment and the economy. (2) Fires raging in the West, droughts affecting crops, temperatures driving rising energy prices, floods and storms affecting millions around the world… People are waking up to vote with their dollars.

In the past few years, many asset managers have moved toward managing assets with a nod toward ESG (environmental/social/corporate governance) factors; that said many have been called out for “greenwashing”. (3)

My approach is, and has always been, based on sustainability and clear-cut divestment from fossil fuels.

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It is extremely likely you are concerned about the climate crisis, and you are interested in such an approach to manage your assets. I would love to have a conversation with you to explore working together… Reach out to me at

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