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How to Guarantee Retirement?

Several years ago, I read a post on LinkedIn which sounded the alarm bells that the “time is running out” for your retirement account.

I found it offensive and in poor taste, playing on the fears of the public at large. Throughout most of 2022 and 2023 there has been a palatable undercurrent of fear in the market… on the part of investors, on the part of money managers, on the part of economists… Inflation rocketing higher, talk of asset bubbles left and right, issues around hiring and employment, falling consumer sentiment, and all of these leading to a slowing in the economy.

The 8% pullback in September 2023 in the market has reinforced that fear for some.

There is no doubt that the current environment is challenging when it comes to managing investments and making suitable choices.

The Fed may, or may not, raise interest rates.

The economy may, or may not, grow.

Things may be ready to fall apart, or they may not.

So many unknowns, so many cross currents…

The extraordinary actions taken by central banks around the world has led to an environment where retirees can no longer reliably receive adequate income from their investments. This is not the retirement they were expecting.

Those age 50 to 65, preparing to retire, face their fear of market volatility (remembering the crashes of 2000, 2008, 2020, and 2022) with the real need to generate higher returns so they can have adequate income 10 to 15 years down the road. They are forced by the market to take risk they would rather not take. (1)

So what is the solution? Talk to a financial advisor about strategies that provide lifetime income. Some solutions act like a pension, once you start taking income, it will continue for as long as you live. It will ensure that you will not outlive your savings. People’s number one fear in most financial surveys is that they will outlive their savings, especially as longevity is increasing. Recent studies predict the first person to live to 150 years of age has already been born. (2)

Bill Gross named the period we are currently experiencing “the New Normal”. A protracted period of higher volatility and lower returns. Add to that an era of low or negative bond yields and it is no wonder that retirees are frightened. (3)

Utilizing tools that provide lifetime income for a portion of your portfolio might make a great deal of sense. To learn more please feel free to reach out to me. Email me at

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