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Rising Seas and the Risk to Retirees

  Florida has always been considered a favorite retirement destination. The warmer climate attracting older American’s who have health issues ranging from Asthma to Arthritis, from Heart Disease to Parkinson’s. 20% of Florida’s population is over age 65 (compared to only 15% in New Jersey).   An additional challenge facing retirees in both Florida and… Continue reading Rising Seas and the Risk to Retirees

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Trick or Treat? The Potential Downside of Tax Reform for Investors

      There is an old story that goes “beware what you wish for…” Things don’t always turn out as expected.   Along those lines I watched a fascinating interview of Tom Lee, head of research at Fundstrat, on Bloomberg this morning.   His feeling is that a Tax cut, as it is currently… Continue reading Trick or Treat? The Potential Downside of Tax Reform for Investors

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Creating Social Impact Through Giving

  Every day millions are helped to improve their lives due to the generosity of others. As a community we each have a stake in the success of every individual, every family. Many organizations that make massive positive contributions are struggling due to cutbacks in government supports. We as stakeholders in American society have a… Continue reading Creating Social Impact Through Giving

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A few life lessons…

In the past few months I have seen several friends pass away… I have seen several people in my circle struggle with illness, addiction and disability… All are under the age of 50. None of them planned on what happened to them.   None of them planned on the impact it would have on those… Continue reading A few life lessons…

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“Morning in America…”

I was driving into work today and a Chevy Volt sped by me. Yesterday a Fisker Karma was parked in front of my office. Last month Tesla started mass production of the Model3. Technology is bringing a renaissance to American manufacturing. New industries and new job descriptions are being created, even as “old economy” jobs… Continue reading “Morning in America…”

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Management Flaws in Corporate America

The most recent rounds of corporate earnings reports for retail companies has by and large been very disappointing. Many companies are struggling to survive in an environment dominated by a few large ecommerce companies.   Disappointing earnings have resulted in lowered outlooks and fallen stock prices of many retail companies.   I recently had the… Continue reading Management Flaws in Corporate America

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Productivity and Robots

  For decades the US economy has suffered from stagnant wages and stifled productivity. While the economy has grown in GDP since 1970 growing from $1 trillion to $18.5 trillion in 2016 the American worker has not enjoyed commensurate benefits. Wages have remained flat for decades.    In the past, studies have shown that part… Continue reading Productivity and Robots