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James Cox is a financial advisor with Devon Financial Partners. He focuses on wealth and risk management for clients of the firm. He is on the board of several organizations. James joined DFP in January of 2012. He has a BA in History and Political Science from St Mary’s College of Maryland, as well as 20+ years’ experience in the financial services industry.

Many of Mr. Cox’s clients are entrepreneurs and business owners. His practice helps individuals manage risk within their finances, even as they are striving toward creating successful companies.

In addition, Mr. Cox is also extremely familiar with the challenges faced by special needs families, such as those with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Working with such families he focuses on ensuring that their financial house is structured and fortified to withstand the financial challenges that ASD poses. According to Mr. Cox, “It is critical to look at long term planning on multiple levels. As a result there is much less room for error. Proper planning is key.”

In addition to his work in the financial world, Mr. Cox also focuses on building dialogues around the issues of Climate Change and Human Trafficking. Both issues pose risks to business enterprises, as well as investors. Mr. Cox states, “The world is changing before our very eyes. We must be prepared to adapt.”

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